From Greyhawk to Barovia

Justice is Served

The heroes of Greyhawk continued their adventures in Vallaki, witnessing the trial of Henrik van der Voort. As expected he was pronounced guilty of conspiring with the Devil Strahd and treason against the burg of Vallaki. Baron Vargas Valkovich pronounced him guilty after hearing the myriad testimonies brought against the coffin maker and sentenced him to die by beheading at sundown. Not a soul seemed angered at the news. Henrik maintained his innocence to the end, blaming the enigmatic figure, Vasili von Holt for his woes.

The heroes also went to visit with Anka, alleged niece of Oleg, the missing butler from the Baron’s household. Anka said that Oleg had been helping the Baron’s son on a secret project, one that would help them get away from Vallaki to a better place, but she had not seen him in several days. In passing she mentioned a young boy named Nikolai (Nikita), whom she had taken a fancy to but did not believe she would be permitted to marry. The heroes returned to the Baron with this news and asked to speak with his son. The Baron seemed dismayed and said it would be a pointless endeavor, but he allowed the party access to his son’s room in the attic.

Victor Vallakovich proved troublesome to deal with. He demanded scrapie mushrooms for his arcane work before he would speak with the party, and even then, he agreed to answer only 16 questions which could be answered with a “yes” or “no.” Fortunately, that was enough to determine that the Baron’s son had performed arcane teleportation experiments in which he claimed the butler and lady-in-waiting had been willing participants. It seemed reasonable enough, but Victor was otherwise quite mad, having animated several cats in skeletal form around his room in the attic. Nevertheless the Baron was grateful for the mystery of his disappearing servants to finally be solved, and ordered that his son be prohibited from interacting with the household staff in the future.

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