House Rules

Character Creation

  • All options in Player’s Handbook are available.
  • If creating a character for session 0, you may either roll 3d6 six times and arrange as desired each ability score or have 15 points if Customizing Ability Scores (PH 13). Characters created after session 0 follow standard rules for Ability Scores.
  • Appendix A from Curse of Strahd Is available.
  • No other rules sources. including, but not limited to the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide are allowed.

Alterations to Magic

The land of Barovia resides in its own demiplane, isolated from all other planes, including the Material Plane. No spell—not even wish—allows one to escape from Strahd’s domain. Most effects causing magical travel to or communication with other planes simply fail (summoning spells work normally). Spellcasters who receive their spells from otherworldly patrons continue to do so as normal.

Cosmetic Spell Modifications

Resurrection Madness

House Rules

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